Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swim Time

The second sea swim race (Wicklow Sea Swimming Club) was on last night. It was approximately 450m, Out to the end of Wicklow Pier, 200m, left around a buoy, 50m to another buoy, left again, and back 200m to shore. I had a tough handicap time, 5 mins post go. I got in behind a mate of mine, stuck to his toes and tried to see how I could hold on. I stuck to him and brushed his feet numerous times. Went around the two buoys and then we had 200 to go. I stayed where I was for another 50m then I felt I had more energy so pushed on until the end. I ended up with a 6.06 min, which was great. Also, it was great practice drafting off someone who is good at sighting buoys. Boy was it cold though!!!

Today, Jo, John, Moley, Neil and myself met at the slip for another swim. No wetsuits..... great evening for it, sun shining and calm water. We went outside the harbour tonight, not as cold as I thought it was going to be, in-fact it was nicer than inside the harbour, which has a bit of a stink at the moment. Anyway, we swam about 1km, used it as a session to see how I was, stuck to John like glue again, Jo and Neil were well ahead, Moley only 50m behind, he's swimming really well this year. Then with 250 to go John found another gear and made 15m on me. Still, last year he was mins ahead so from my perspective its very positive, a good winters training, I reckon. When we got out, oh the cold...... I shivered...... for an hour. Worth it, I really enjoyed the swim. Tomorrow a run and weight session, first weights for about 6 weeks......... now a well deserved glass of wine.

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