Friday, July 31, 2009

Weird Month

I've been meaning to et on to this for a few weeks now but well, since he crash, motivation has been a bit hit and miss, more miss than hit. I stupidly came off the antibiotics too early and then my elbow got re-infected. It was a few days before I realised so I had to go onto the antiboitics again. The following week, I put in a hard week, 200km on the bike, 45km run and 3-4km swimming combined, felt great but come the following Monday I was shattered, That sort of a training week shouldn't hurt me but I was wrecked. It took about 3 days before I had any energy to train  again.

22/07/09 - WTC Aquathlon II

After a couple of weeks of not o great training, the second WTC Aquathlon came about. I had entered so went straight from work to the race in Bray. I wasn't overly excited, still felt tired. I was picking up my new wetsuit that evening and was dying to try it out, the Orca Alpha. Just before the race I had a little run down the prom with Mark. He did a few pick ups but I had nothing in the tank, felt shitty at that point. I took a gel 5 mins before the briefing and then off we went to the start line. 

It was a sea start, I started ok, got to the first buoy, turned left, not too much bunching, which was gret, found a rythem and then then found someone swimming a similar speed so I paced myself off him and we both got out in 12.30 mins. The suit worked out great, felt free and easy with my arm turnover. This time I had planned a quicker transition after the debacle of last months. This time around the quick release laces were in the Newtons. I exited the swim with Mark, which was excellent as I'm normally a min behind. We both transitioned together. Mark pulled away in the first 200m, I let him go and got into my own pacing. At the beginning of the first hill I saw Mark again and this time moving more slowly, I like running up hills, soleaned forward and passed him, he was wrecked, I then focused on the next club member Collie, got him on the straight, then passed Brian. I was aware that John Mercer was behind me so had to push really hard to stay infront, we are both very similar in pace on the run. At the final turnaround, 
I pushed to catch Jim and stay ahead of John, but as hard as I tried to get him I couldn't, I closed alright but when we crossed the line, he was 5m ahead of me, close but no cigar. Still I stayed ahead of John, a first. 19th overall in 31.40min, not bad considering I was shattered at the start.

Next Race: 1/2 IM in Estonia, 08/08/09, what will that bring I wonder!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Whack, Bang, Wallop

As the title suggests, I had an accident this week, last Monday, which has meant my training has been non-existent this week. I had planned a nice comfortable 2 hr cycle and decided to drop out to my sisters to collect a wetsuit for a guy in the club, then head off up to Roundwood. I was eager to get out as I had lowered the tri-bars on the bike and wanted to see how it would feel. Would my lack of flexibility be an issue!!!!

About 10mins into the ride I was coming through Ashford village, no traffic on the road. I was in the tri position, doing approx 45km/hr. I noticed a man walking accross the road but it was fine he had plenty of time to cross. He stopped half way and turned around to talk to a woman on the other side. I was getting closer so came off the tri-bars and put my fingers around the breaks to be ready. My assumption was when he was going to cross, he would look up and down the road. No such luck, the gentleman turned to finish crossing the road and turned blind sided to the direction of the traffic and to me. It all happened so quick after that, I veered to the left, started to brake and shouted at him to 'watch out', he turned around, got the fright of his life and jumped to his right (my left), we were on a collision course, now way to avoid him now. We collided heavily, my head hit his (I was wearing my helmet), I fell to the left hit the ground very hard and the bike and the guy landed on top of me. Instant pain was registering in my mind!!!! I could hear a grown so gathered he was not unconscious but I was told later he was for a few seconds.

After the initial impact it took a few moments for people to gather around. I didn't move, I was on my left side, my elbow and hip were very sore. Luckily for us a nurse was out walking her dog and checked our pulse etc. I was aware that the guy was bleeding and so was I. We were advised not to move until the ambulances arrived and the garda. I think it took about 10 minutes. I was checked over by the medic and put onto one of those trollys with a neck brace and had my head strapped to stop it moving. It was all precautionary. The guy walked into his ambulance. I was happy to hear that, not too badly injured then!

My Injuries, left elbow and ass!!!

I was taken to Loughlinstown, where they check for neck and spine injuries. I had none. Then I was left waiting for about 90 mins so when Paul arrived I discharged myself and went to the VHI clinic in Ballally. I was seen there within a few minutes, had 2 x-rays, where I found out my elbow was not broken, great relief. I felt week after that and wanted to throw up I had to lie down to get the blood back to my head. I had an injection to numb my butt and elbow prior to the doctor cleaning the wounds, boy did it still hurt. On the way out I got weak again and had to lie down for another half hour. My head was checked and I had a head injury. The doctor told me to go to St. Vincent's to be monitored for 24 hrs. Off we went, another hospital, saw the nurse and then spent another 2 hours on a trolly. So after a lot of hanging around I discharged myself again and went home. It was one long evening..... its been 3 days and I'm still sore, each day has a different pain. Today my hip is really sore, the bone is badly bruised. I hope to get back training this weekend as I have a half IM in 4 weeks, Wishful thinking me thinks!!!