Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speed Tuesday

I made a few phone calls tonight and found a few of the guys who were doing some speed work. Its not something I have been doing in a while so I joined up with them, not expecting too much, more to see how my legs would fair and what my HR would rise too!!!

And did it rise...... we rotated at the front and when my time came my HR hit 175, >90% of my max, not sure if I should have let it go so high, but it was a great bit of fun and change to the regular HR training I had been doing for Ironman. I ended up doing about 45km. Tomorrow is the Wicklow Tri Amphibian King Aquathon, which I'm doing, 750m Swim, 5km Run, not expecting much just a bit of a warm up for the Mullaghmore sprint Triathlon on Saturday in Sligo.

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