Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy Weekend

mmmmmhhhh not the weekends training I wanted.

Thursday - 25min sea swim, no wetsuit, very cold, shivered for hours after it. However swam well stuck to the guys and worked hard.

Friday - third session the the newtons today, I did a thredmill run to check them out as I wanted to increase the distance to 20mins. At 25 I felt a sore calf coming on so I stopped and walked it out. I expected some pain and adjustment period so it didn't upset me. I finished off with a series of stretches and 4 different weight exercises. This was my first weight session in 6 weeks so I took it easy.

Saturday - Did a 60km cycle today, felt great, in parts effortless. I though as I had only a few cycles since the IM I would struggle more but no all good. We kept an average of 29km/hr.

Sunday - Poor days training today, I had a sea swim race only about 600m and I finished in 11 mins. The race was around the harbour in Wicklow. Great race but I was near the back. Its a handicapped system. My start time was 6.40 post go. I stayed with people who were ahead of me last year so am very happy with that.

Monday - Had planned a sea swim tonight, was going to do 1.5km in prep for Wednesdays aquathon but unfortunately my brother in law was using my wetsuit. I had a tough day in work today and well, I just went home and chilled out. Tomorrow will be different, planning a bike and a small run in prep for Wednesday's aquathon.

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