Monday, October 5, 2009

Mr Grump.

After the previous week of 20 hrs, I was all geared up for another big week. Things change so quick.

Monday morning I felt great, off to work, planned on a trip to the gym that evening and a swim. As the day progressed I started to feel lethargic and legs were getting a little stiffer, not surprising considering was I had put them through the previous 2 days. Anyway, by the time I got home I was so so so grumpy. Paul had managed a 3km swim during the day and was planning an hour on the turbo to loosen his legs and remove any remaining lactic. I think I was grump cos he was feeling so well and I was suffering. Also, a bit peeved that he can get a luchtime session in, something I have never been able to do.

I decided to go and do some weights and core, didn't go to the gym, have a few weights at home so plodded upstairs and completed about 45mins.

Tuesday morning I completed my swim in the pool, mainly drills, I'm conscious that I'm not getting enough long swims in, need to rectify that. That evening I did my mid week long run, 1.30hr, 16km, about 2km slower than normal for me but I took it easy, stayed with Paul and Jenn. I needed an easy run. A lot of them have been tough lately. 

Wednesday was a speed turbo session, roughly 70mins. I enjoy these sessions, short but tough and boy do you sweat.

Thursday wasn't a good day I felt miserable, sneezing all day and running eyes, think I had a head cold, but then again it could have just been the reaction to the chlorine in the Wicklow pool, it always gives me grief. I took it easy, took some antihistamines and sneezed my way through the rest of the evening.

Friday: as I didn't get my swim in Thursday I went to the pool and knocked out 2500m, then home and completed another 45mins of weights, and then in the evening, put on my wetsuit and went down to the harbour and did approx 1500m, not bad an easy day!!

Saturday, long cycle day, getting a bit tired of these....... programme was for 6hr 15mins. We were planning on 5 laps to Kilmac and back. First 2 went fine but we were both feeling tired on lap 3. Planned to stop for a break at the end of the third loop, but Paul got a puncture and had to limp home..... I went on to Glenealy, deputy's pass and home another hour. Ended up 4.45hrs and 140km, alright but not great.

Sunday was an early start, up at 7am planned on a 3hr run. Met the guys at 8.30 and planned to do 3 laps on the Murrough. I went with the guys pace for the first lap, pace was way too fast for me so I slowed to my own pace and ran with Siobhan. The lads were stopping after 2 so were holding a right old pace. After the rest finished I had to complete another full lap and a half lap. I ended up holding my sub 5min/km pace for the full run, 2.54hr in total, 36.2km, consumed 2 gels along the way and not nearly enough water... I need to learn from that.

For the week my total training was 3 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs, 2 weights, approx 15hrs. NOT a great week, but it ended on a high. The run was great, felt strong right up until the last 20mins, I reckon that was due to poor nutrition.

Thats it..... 5 weeks to go....... Tune in next week for an update!

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