Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 weeks and counting

The hard work is now complete (I hope) and from now on the focus will be on staying fit, fresh, sharp, injury free and getting rid of any little niggles that have been hanging around and there are a few. Specifically my knees. With 60km a week running, for the last 6 weeks, I've noticed an increase in my knee pain. However, the milage (now that we are metric, whats the equivalent word? kilometerage???) Anyway I digress..... should decrease so I'll get a few more accupunture sessions in, lots of ice and stretching and it should be good for D-day.

I mention above that the hard work is complete, what am I saying.... this week I have to do approx 20hrs so really I mean next week it'll get easier, I hope.

After the long Sunday run, 36km, I took a day off work and started the day with an easy turbo for an hour to flush out remaining lactic from the run. I assume it was lactic, probably muscle damage. Anyway, I stayed below 35km/hr (easy on a turbo). After that it was off to the pool for a swim session. I did one of the coach's sets and racked up 3,500m. Delighted. I used the pull buoy a little too much but my legs were sore so I allowed myself!! After a quick shower it was up to the gym and I did one of the 'chisel' sessions. These are 2 x 12 of the 12 exercises we have been given performed in a faster fashion to stimulate the muscles. 

I was so hungry after all that that I could resist a coffee slice!!, my guilty pleasure.

Tuesday: Legs still a wee bit sore so instead of my mid week run I opted for the speed turbo session. It was slightly easier than last week and lasted for about 1hr. 5 mins stretching and I was done, an easy night.

Wednesday: Today was run day. The programme was for a 1.30hr run but I was running late from work so opted to run 14km instead. It was a cold evening, leggings were back on (argh winter is setting i and the season is not over yet). I went at a nice pace felt good considering the milage that we have been doing. I headed for Ashford and turned at the roundabout where you can turn onto the M11. I got home in 1.06hr, which was fine. stretched for 10mins as I have a knot in my left calf that is giving me a bit of hassle.

Thursday: Another run, yay!! tonight was a speed run. I decided to go the same route as last night to see what, if there would be any difference in overall distance covered or time taken to complete the course. The session was warm up, a few pick ups then 12 mins hard, 5 recovery, 9 hard 3 recovery, 6 x 1 mins with 30 sec recovery and 6 x 30secs with 15secs recovery and a cool down. It was a great session. I noticed how much harder I hit the ground when running at a faster speed!! Also, the last section of the session was tough as I was tired and it was constant shifting of gear, fast slow, fast, slow. I ened up completing the run 4 mins quicker than the previous night, so 14km in 1.02hr, which was interesting to see. Even with the recovery sections within the session, my overall average pace was higher. Finished with a long stretch, calf issues......

Friday: Day off, unplanned but happy to take it to be honest. Big weekend ahead.

Saturday: Today was supposed to be 7hrs and a 30min break but we opted for 5.30hr and a brick. Eanna joined us on the bike today which was great as it can get a wee bit boring and repetitive on our own. We headed out to Rathdrum, Aughrim, Gorey, Arklow, Woodenbridge, Rathdrum, Laragh, Roundwood, Kilmacanogue and home. Total was 165km in 5.30hr, quick change and a 6km run. I felt great for the whole day which was a surprise. I stayed for a long time in the small chain ring and increased my cadence to stay with the others. It worked. For the last 2 hrs I was pushing a big gear. Legs felt ok tonight. Spent the rest of the day watching the World Champs in Kona, fantastic race for the men and a show of true class for the women with Chrissie Wellington romping home and breaking the 17yr record Paula Newby-Frazer had.

Sunday: Started with a lie in as it was 3am when I got to bed. Plan was 2.40hr. A cracking day. Jenn and Jamie joined us, Jenn for the first loop and Jamie was out for a 10km interval. I didn't reall see them much as I pretty much hit my pace straight away and just went with it. We decided on a two loop strategy, 1 large and a smaller second. While my legs felt a little heavy I kept to my 4.40-4.50min/km pace. I had 3 gels over the course of the run, 10km, 17km and 25km. I felt pretty good through out and just tried to keep focused on my running style and running tall. I bumped into Jamie, who was on his way home on my second lap and also ran into Paula Humby at 26km. Paula was out for 8miles easy, she's in the taper mode for the Dublin Marathon. She's flying.... Dublin will be no bother to her. I ended up going back out to Ashford to make up my time as I had finished the 2 loops in 2.06. I added another 5km and finished fairly strong in 2.28 for 31km. More stretching, home, took an anti-inflammatory as my knee was tender.

The run finished a long week. Did I get out of it what I wanted??? yes and no. Negative only 1 swim, positives 4 tough runs, 3 bikes and 2 weights. In total, 16hrs, 4 less than required but I'm fine with that. The sessions were quality.

What will next week bring...... oh I reckon more of the same. Each week is like groundhog day for me at the moment!!

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