Friday, September 25, 2009

Training for IM Florida - Update

Wow, its been a while since I updated my blog. So what’s happened…… well it’s just been all IM training for Florida to be honest. I have been getting in 3 bikes, 1 turbo, 2 x road), 3-4 runs, weights x 2 and some swimming. I’ve eased off on the swimming, not too sure why but I need to pick it up again as there is only 6 weeks left until race day.

Weight training. This has been sporadic, finally I’m getting 2 sessions in a week. I started slowly and build up to 2/3 sets of 12/15 for the 12 exercises I have been doing. This week started the power phase, which is split over 2 sessions and increases the weight for 6 of the exercises at a time, doing reps of 10, 8, 6, and keep the other 6 exercises at 12/15 x 2 reps, then on the second lifting day you lift heavier on the remaining 6 exercises.

Cycling: cycling started off slowly once we got to 5 hours plus…. The first 5 hr went pretty badly for me. I think it was due to the weight session 2 days previous, I felt very lethargic. Because of this I went out on my own the following week for my long cycle to build a bit of confidence. It worked, I had a great cycle, with the exception of a broken spoke 2 punctures and a buckled wheel at the end of the session and I had to walk 3km home. Since that I have been getting in a min of 3 sessions per week, 1 turbo, 1 LSD (not so slow though) and 1 2-3hr road. For the last 4 weeks I have clocked approx 250-270km per week. I’m happy with how the bike is progressing but I only fell about 80% ready. I hope that’s a good thing….. don’t want to peak too early!!

Running: This is going fantastically well for me. I finished the tri season with my best 5 and 10km runs and its just getting better. I’m running 4 times a week, inclusive of 1 brick, totalling approx 50-60km per week. 1 LSD, 30km, 1 speed, 8-10km, 1 brick 6km and I mid week run 15-21km. My form is really improving and I feel my aerobic efficiency has increased. I’m trying to keep my HR under control and below 150 for all runs. I’m not doing too bad at this, definitely improving. Currently I’m at 2.30hr runs, best run being 31km in 2.25hr.

I’m also including a big day Tuesday…… where I do a swim set at 7am, then a speed run and weights set in the evening or instead of the run and weights a bike and run split over the day (if I’m off work). I’m at the 18hr per week stage of the training plan.

In addition, I’m eating relatively well, have cut down on my dairy intake (believe it can be bad for digestive issues), practicing the number and timing of taking on nutrients in the form of gels on the runs, so far so good. This is an area which has caused me concern for the last 2 IM, not enough fuel taken on during the run. IM Florida will be different. I know I’m capable of a sub 4 hr run and it is one of my remaining goals for the season. I was out by 8 mins in IM Lanzarote. Based on my long Sunday runs (day after 185km on bike) projecting out my time for 30km and allowing for slowing up I could possible achieve a time of 3.40hr. Now I’m not holding myself to that but with a great taper and a good bike and run its achievable. We’ll see how it goes. I might regret writing this down….. Sub 4hr is the goal anything else is a massive bonus.

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  1. great work mate, this is the business end of the training block, and your commitment will pay off. The weather is also holding out for you! well done keep her lit!