Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wicklow Open Swim 02/08/09

I did my first open sea swim a few weeks back. A sunday morning, bit of a hangover on me.... and the race was about 2km. This is an open swim for all sea swim clubs. Race started for the men at 11 and 12 for the women. I was given a handicap of 1.30, so there is A first, then B, then go, then 30secs etc. I knew I didn't have a chance as I was behind swimmers from my own club who are faster than me. Anyway as I was in training for the Puhajarve 1/2 IM Triathlon in Estonia, 2 weeks later, I though it would be good preparation.

Went off with Niall in our club and within seconds he was gone..... I was regretting the drinking the previous night now. I settled into a rhythm and after a few mins I noticed another guy from the club, Pat, pass me who is only slightly faster than me so I got onto his feet and stayed there for about 10-15 mins. This worked brilliantly for me. I was going my own speed with less effort. 

Pat eventually pulled away from me and I was on my own again. There was only about 600m to go so it was fine. I rounded the buoy on the left of the pier and made my way out to the end of the pier prior to the final straight. It was feeling a little difficult now, managed to pass a few people and then got to the final straight, I tried to go harder but to be honest not that much there, finished as strong as I could. Great race, loved it. Should have completed these races years ago. My time was: 26.42, up there for Wicklow, got a few club scalps, passed Niall and Pat, and close to a few others. Maybe wine the night before a race is the way to go. Great prep for the 1/2 IM.

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